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What makes our trips for children suffering from oncology so special

For whom our trips are suitable

Our trips are for anyone who has finished their therapy.

Ideally, our journey is a ray of hope or at least something that you can just really look forward to.

Before each trip, we need the relevant information from the doctor treating each child. State of illness, state of health and the trip must fit together.

When traveling, safety is of the utmost importance to us. A nurse will accompany each trip. I studied medicine myself. The other team members will be trained in advance if required.  

The trip should just be fun!
This is very, very important to us. The days of illness stay behind as much as possible.


That is the priority now. We enjoy the freedom in nature: be it in the mountains, by the sea or by the lake.

  And sport! Our journeys will certainly challenge you. Read the exact description for each trip.


Together we become strong

Training beforehand strengthens us enormously and the anticipation of the holiday grows.  


We want to meet with you long before the start of the journey. But since you come from different corners of Germany, we will probably see each other on the computer first.


There will be an online fitness program and also individual training ideas for the week. At the same time you can already get to know each other.  

One of your siblings will come with you on the trip!


And if you don't have any siblings, your best friend will be happy to accompany you.


The parents don't come along and can use the time for themselves.


time for yourself! This applies to adults as well as to children.

You don't travel alone


Wild, sometimes rough but always beautiful

We say it in pictures

Family run

Literally. During our school holidays, the family runs. Our three children will then often be with us on the trips. Above all, they look forward to playing alone with you children, running, climbing trees and experiencing little adventures.

Our children grow with us. Our holiday trips will also “grow” with you – according to your age and interests.


All other trips are also family-run. Because we will always be a small group.


Water must not be missing


Especially not in summer!


We always like to visit waterfalls, rivers, lakes or pools on our mountain tours or on break days. Because water is simply part of it. On our trips to the Lofoten, in Liguria or on Corsica, the sea awaits you at the foot of the mountains.

But please don't just hike!

Every trip will also have the other days: the days by the sea, the days of climbing or canoeing, days when you might help out in the fields or try horseback riding.


We trust you a lot - on the way to valuable mountain memories



Liguria offers both. Because the sea is also planned. During the trip there is also a small hut tour, and it can certainly get hot at times.


And one thing is certain on all tours: when we lie on our backs in the evening and look at the high mountains and the sea of stars above us, then we know: It is incredibly beautiful to be here


And ... We did it!

Like a child in the fresh snow in the morning

I'm crazy about snow.


I work with passion as a ski instructor in winter and have been for over 20 years. I love rushing down the slopes at full speed, leaning into the curves... A jubilation breaks out in me - every year anew.


But I can also stop and take in the light in the mountains in winter. For me there is nothing more beautiful than a mountain landscape that has been covered with snow.  


Do I have to explain that I am looking forward to ski trips with you? It will be a lot of fun - even as a beginner.


Play, romp, experience adventure

The fun will never be neglected. We learned that from our three children.

Childhood is always: it often begins before breakfast. You can also play a lot during the hikes, but at the latest during the breaks and after the tour anyway.


When the adults stretch out on all fours, you'll soon be as fit and alert as in the morning: "Let's play catch, the Great Wall of China or petrifying...?


Sure, of course!

And then it will be comfortable

When we come back in the late afternoon, we spread out our found treasures. Maybe you can make something out of it or carve it.


In the evening we sometimes cook together, make a fire - also like in the snow - play, read or hang over the cards to plan the next day.

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